Safety Issues


Explosive Safety

DoD Industrial Operational Training

Munitions-related materials, whether from a DoD industrial facility or an operational training or test range, go through a formal process that normally includes at least two independent inspections. DoD developed this process to ensure only material documented as safe or MDAS is released to the public, which includes the recycling industry. Materials determined by this process or that is known to pose a potential explosive hazard are classified as material documented as an explosive hazard or MDEH. Such material can only be released to vendors who have verified qualifications to manage and process MDEH safely.  

Download explosive safety posters


Radiation Safety


Radiation Safety Training Presentation
This presentation attempts to dispel some of the myths about radiation.


Radiation Safety Training Flashcards
Great English/Spanish radiation source identification flashcards. Training in the yard is enhanced by this visual training tool.


US DOT Special Permit 10656
The special permit authorizes one-way transportation or recyclable materials with low levels of radiation.


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