RecycleGuard® Insurance Program

For the past 20 years, RecycleGuard has been the only property and casualty insurance program sponsored by ReMA. RecycleGuard features tailored solutions for recyclers with primary operations in metal, electronics, paper, plastic, glass, rubber, textiles, and automobiles.

Created for the industry by those who know it best, the program’s dedicated and experienced underwriting team has resolved over 25,000 losses and has completed over 5,000 risk-management visits to yards.

ReMA encourages members to have their broker obtain a proposal from RecycleGuard. The insurance program is a valuable partner of ReMA, providing ongoing financial support that allows ReMA to offer an array of safety services to members.

Members-only Workers’ Comp Insurance

The AmeriComp Recycling insurance program has partnered with RecycleGuard to leverage their underwriters’ deep knowledge of the industry and provide a workers’ compensation solution for ReMA members. Like RecycleGuard, AmeriComp insurance is available in all 50 states.

Disability Coverage

Offered to ReMA members by Mass Marketing Insurance Consultants, Inc. at no cost or obligation. MMIC offers a broad range of insuring companies, policies, and plans. The company will analyze your health insurance needs to improve coverage and reduce costs. For more information, contact contact Ed Sterczek at (800) 349-1039, ext. 15.

Group Health/Dental/Prescription Insurance

Offered to ReMA members by Mass Marketing Insurance Consultants and insured by Sun Life and Health Insurance Co. ReMA member companies with two or more employees are eligible to participate in a custom-designed long and short-term disability group program. All eligible employees will be approved regardless of their health status. For enrollment information, contact Ed Sterczek at (800) 349-1039, ext. 15. 

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All insurance programs are administrated by ReMA Resources Inc. and its board of seven ReMA members.

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Senior Vice President and Underwriting Officer for AmWINS Program Underwriters
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For a quote, have your agent or broker fax, e-mail, or mail a submission to RecycleGuard