2024 Members of ISRI’s Circle of Safety Excellence™

* Charter Members

A&W Iron & Metal Inc
ABC Recycling Ltd
Allied Scrap Processors Inc
Alter Trading Corporation
Andersen's Sales & Salvage Inc
Atlas Metal & Iron Corp
Azcon Metals
Beacon Recycling
Becker Iron & Metal Inc
Berman Bros Inc
Bob's Metals Inc
Brenner Recycling
Buckman Iron & Metal Inc
Champlin Tire Recycling Inc
Colorado Iron & Metal Inc
Colt Inc
Combined Metal Industries, Inc.
Consolidated Scrap Resources Inc
Cozzi Recycling

Crow Wing Recycling
Didion-Orf Recycling Inc
Elgin Recycling Inc
Full Circle Recycling
Green Metals Inc
Harding Metals Inc
J Trockman & Sons
Kripke Enterprises Inc
Liberty Tire Recycling LLC
Louisiana Scrap Metal Recycling
M Gervich & Sons Inc
M. Lipsitz & Co Ltd
Mallin Companies, Inc.
Manitoba Corporation
Mayer Pollock Steel Corp
Monterrey Iron & Metal
Muskingum Iron & Metal Co
Pacific Iron & Metal Co
Pacific Steel & Recycling
Page Transportation Inc

PK Metals
PNW Metal Recycling, Inc
Pratt Industries
Reserve Management Group
Rocky Mountain Recycling Inc
SA Recycling LLC
Sadoff Iron & Metal Co. (HQ)
Shapiro Metals
Sierra International Machinery LLC
Sims Metal (HQ)
Southern Metals Recycling Inc
Spartan Recycling Group
Staiman Recycling Corp
Tri-State Iron & Metal Co
United Scrap Metal, Inc

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Senior Director of Safety
(202) 662-8519

Holly Brownell
Administrative Assistant
(202) 662-8515