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ISRI Circle of Safety Excellence™ (Open Enrollment)


Open enrollment is now available for the Circle of Safety Excellence™ Program.   RETURNING COSE members will need to reapply by entering your company safety data for the previous calendar year, 2020NEW members are required to submit their safety data for the previous 3 years (2018 – 2020). Your safety management contact person will have to log into the ISRI website and click on MY ACCOUNT, this should take you to your profile page. Once you are on the profile page, scroll to the bottom of the page, you should see a caption marked Circle of Safety Excellence , click on the + Enter Safety Data tab to the right, and you should be able to enter your data in the worksheet. If you experience any difficulty, contact ISRI’s Senior Safety Director, Commodor Hall

The ISRI Circle of Safety Excellence ™ (COSE) is an initiative offered by ISRI to help improve worker, vehicle and facility safety within the recycling industry. The COSE members consist of like-minded companies which voluntarily come forward to share best practices and safety data for the betterment of their own safety operation, and at the same time be recognized by ISRI for their commitment to safety.

Member Benefits:

  • Improve employee safety
  • Availability to network and share safety best practices e.g., near misses
  • Access to quarterly COSE webinars
  • Participate in setting safety benchmarks
  • Reduce worker's compensation claims
  • Improve your experience modification rate
  • Opportunity to participate in the annual ISRI COSE Occupational Awards Program
  • One Free safety outreach visit per year for COSE members who provide 5 years of loss run data in addition to their normal COSE data requirements   

COSE Occupational Awards


The ISRI Circle of Safety Excellence (COSE) awards recognize and rewards member companies for outstanding commitment to the safety of their employees by instilling core safety values and exhibiting continuous improvement in safety programs and worker incident reduction.

COSE Occupational Awards:

  1. Best-in-Class Award (Competitive Based)
  2. Rising Star Award (Perfomance Based)
  3. Superior Achievement Award (Performance Based)

Who Can Join

All Active ISRI members located within the United States and Canada, who process or consume scrap material and are committed to operating safely, are invited to apply to be part of the Circle.


2021 Members of ISRI’s Circle of Safety Excellence™

* Charter Members

*All Scrap Metals LLC
*Alter Trading Corporation
*Atlas Metal & Iron Corp
*Azcon Metals
*Becker Iron & Metal Inc.
*Brenner Recycling
*Buckman Iron & Metal Inc.
*CASS Inc.
*Champlin Tire Recycling Inc.
*Clark Iron & Metal Co Inc.
*CMC Recycling
*Cohen Recycling
*Consolidated Scrap Resources Inc.
*EL Harvey & Sons Inc.
*George Apkin & Sons Inc.
*Grossman Iron & Steel Co
*Joe Krentzman & Son Inc.
*Kramer Metals Inc.
*M Gervich & Sons Inc.
*M. Lipsitz & Co Ltd
*Mallin Companies
*Mayer Pollock Steel Corp
*Mervis Industries Inc.
*Metal Exchange Corp
*Metro Alloys Inc.
*Metro Group Inc.
*Muskingum Iron & Metal Co
 Sullivan's Scrap Metals
Pan American Zinc 
Mr K's Recycle & Redemption Ctr 

*Penn Recycling Inc.
*PK Metals
*Potomac Metals Inc.
*Reserve Management Group
*Rocky Mountain Recycling Inc.
*SA Recycling LLC
*Schnitzer Steel Industries Inc.
*Southern Metals Recycling Inc.
*Staiman Recycling Corp
*TMS Internationa, LLC
*Totall Metal Recycling Inc.
*Tri-State Iron & Metal Co
*Wallach Iron & Metal Co Inc.
*Beacon Recycling
*Cozzi Recycling
*Elgin Recycling Inc.
*Green Metals Inc.
*J Trockman & Sons
*Louisiana Scrap Metal Recycling
*Mid City Scrap Iron & Salvage Co., Inc.
*Monterrey Iron & Metal
*Sadoff Iron & Metal Co.
*Schupan & Sons Inc.
*Sims Bros Inc.
*Sims Metal Management
*The David J Joseph Co
*Manitoba Corp.
*United Scrap Metal Inc.
*Utah Metal Works Inc.
*OmniSource LLC
Page Transportation Inc. 
Midland Davis Corp 

*Lopez Scrap Metal Inc.
Kripke Enterprises Inc.
Bob's Metals Inc.
Jackson Iron & Metal Co Inc.
Didion-Orf Recycling Inc.
Pacific Iron & Metal Co
Pacific Steel & Recycling
Andersens Sales & Salvage Inc.
Combined Metal Industries, Inc.
ABC Recycling Ltd
Audubon Metals LLC
Berman Bros Inc.
Pacific Metals Recycling International
Sierra International Machinery LLC
Harding Metals Inc.
Spartan Recycling Group
Generated Materials Recovery
Sunnking Inc.
Huron Valley Steel Corp
Liberty Tire Recycling LLC
PNW Metal Recycling, Inc.
Conservit Inc.
Pratt Industries
Texas Recycling, Inc..
Colorado Iron & Metal Inc.
South Post Oak Recycling Center
Triple M Metal LP 
Allied Alloys 
Carpenter Metal Solutions Inc. 
 Shapiro Metals

Have Questions?

Commodor Hall
Senior Director of Safety
(202) 662-8519