Lifetime Achievement Award

ISRI’s Lifetime Achievement Award is presented each year in recognition of an individual or individuals life-long dedication and leadership in the recycling industry and commitment to ISRI.

2024 Lifetime Achievement Award Nomination

ISRI’s Lifetime Achievement Award is given annually by ISRI’s Chair to bestow recognition and honor upon an individual(s) in the scrap recycling industry whose name and deeds are synonymous with integrity and the pursuit of excellence, and who has made significant contributions over their lifetime to the scrap recycling industry and/or the association.

ISRI Chair Brian Henesey is seeking nominations for the ISRI membership for the 2023 Award.

Award Criteria:
• Significant contribution to the industry through industry knowledge, technical innovation, industry advocacy, dedication to the safety and well-being of their employees, or demonstrated leadership; and/or

• Outstanding contribution to the industry in terms of volunteer service to ISRI which promoted the growth, interests and advancement of the association and/or industry; and/or

• Noteworthy public service activities on the local, regional, state or national or international levels which has brought honor to the industry or to the association; and/or

• Stature as a respected industry leader.

Note: The award is not limited to current ISRI members. In addition, in any given year, one of the above criteria may hold more importance than another.

Deadline for nominations is December 31, 2023.

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Previous Award Winners

Robert Goldstein, Alter Trading

Bruce Blue

Charles "Cricket" Williams, Davis Industries, Inc.

David Borsuk, Sadoff Iron & Metal Company
Shelley Padnos, PADNOS

Sam Gershowitz, Gershow Recycling
Mark Rieter, ISRI

Jerry Simms, Atlas Metals


Ron Reich, Atlas Pacific
Sam Proler, Proler Steel

Crawford Carpenter, Caraustar

Herschel Cutler, ISRI

Emanuel (Manny) Bodner, Bodner Metal & Iron Corp.
Stanton Moss, Stanton A. Moss Inc.


Scott Newell, The Shredder Company
Toby Shine, Shine Brothers Corp

Stanley Kramer, Kramer Metals
Howard Meyers, Quexco
Sandy Shapiro
, Cambridge Iron & Metal

Arnold Gachman

Richard Abrams, Consolidated Scrap Resources

Harry Heinkele, Commerical Metals Co
Ray Alpert, Alper & Alpert Iron & Metal
Jake Farber, Alpert & Alpert Iron & Metal

Tom Salome, M. Lipsitz & Co.
Marvin Siegel, OmniSource Southeast

Ben Saaco, Sierra Recycling and Demolition
Leonard Rifkin, Ominsource Corp.

Bernie Goldstein, Alter Trading
Si Wakesburg, ISRI

Morley Denbo, Tennessee Valley Recycling
Sid Grossman, Grossman Iron & Steel

Sheldon Tauben, Metalsco, Inc.
Barry Hunter, Hunter Alloys, LLC.
Lee Hummelstein, Hummelstein Iron & Metal

Arnold Plant, Keywell
Morton Plant, Keywell

Stuart Padnos, Louis Padnos Iron and Metal
Seymour Padnos, Louis Padnos Iron and Metal

2018 Award Presentations

Lifetime Achievement Award winner Ron Reich

Lifetime Achievement Award winner Sam Proler

2017 Award Presentations

Lifetime Achievement Award winner Hershel Cutler

Lifetime Achievement Award winner Crawford Carpenter

2016 Award Presentations


Lifetime Achievement Award winner Manny Bodner

Lifetime Achievement Award winner Stanton Moss

2015 Award Presentations

Lifetime Achievement Award winners Scott Newell and Toby Shine 

2014 Award Presentations

Lifetime Achievement Award winners Stanley Kramer, Howard Meyers, and Sandy Shapiro

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