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States of California, Nevada, Hawaii and Baja Mexico.

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State specific policies, active legislation and regulations, and other resources may be accessed by selecting the applicable state. For a complete overview of active legislation, select Chapter Legislative Tracking.

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Board of Directors

  • Anthony Bonilla Chapter President
    Universal Service Recycling Inc (209) 944-9555
  • Sandy Brooks 1st Vice President
    SA Recycling LLC (714) 632-2000
  • Philip Sacco, Jr. 2nd Vice President
    Sierra Recycling & Demolition, Inc. (661) 327-7073
  • Lewis Kramer Treasurer
    Kramer Metals Inc (323) 587-2277
  • Jill Rodby Secretary
    Sims Metal Management (510) 412-5300
  • Jill Rodby Legislative Chair
    Sims Metal Management (510) 412-5300
  • Tyler Adams Director At Large
    SA Recycling LLC (714) 632-2000
  • Todd Coy Director At Large
    KBI: Kinsbursky Brothers International (714) 738-8516
  • Don Monroe Director At Large
    C&M Metals Inc (323) 234-4662
  • Deborah Odle Director At Large
    SA Recycling LLC (714) 632-2000
  • Vispi Patel Director At Large
    Sims Metal Management (510) 412-5300
  • Jason Stabell Director At Large
    Sims Metal Management
  • Nicholas Tosi Director At Large
    Bruno's Iron & Metal (559) 233-6543
  • Jason Young Director At Large
    Allan Company (626) 962-4047