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The state of Ohio 30 miles north of I-70, the entire state of Kentucky, and the western section of West Virginia from St. Mary's south on State Rt. 16 to I-79, then south on State Rt. 19 to I-77 south to the West Virginia-Virginia state line.

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Board of Directors

  • Jeff Miller Chapter President
    Progress Rail Services (309) 256-8445
  • Paul Hardison 1st Vice President
    Cohen Recycling (513) 422-3696
  • Josh Gensic Treasurer
    Audubon Metals LLC (270) 830-1109
  • James Wiseman III Membership Chair
    Smart Recycling Management LLC (502) 494-8303
  • Neal Coulardot Legislative Chair (OVC_KY)
    River Metals Recycling LLC (502) 792-7162
  • Joshua Joseph Legislative Chair (OVC_OH)
    Muskingum Iron & Metal Co (740) 452-9351
  • Cody Darby Legislative Chair (OVC_WV)
    Barker's Junk Company Inc (304) 252-0769
  • Mathew Denley Chapter Board Member
    Schnitzer-Louisville (502) 637-7657
  • Keith McKelvey Chapter Board Member
    SA Recycling (270) 781-3265
  • Brad Miller Chapter Board Member
    River Metals Recycling LLC (513) 562-1670
  • Earl Weber Chapter Board Member
    Garden Street Iron & Metal Inc (513) 721-4660
  • James Wiseman III Scholarship Chair
    Smart Recycling Management LLC (502) 494-8303